The Old Tree

I sat with the old tree, To know his life’s story, To know the moments that made him happy, And the moments that got him fury. I wit stand the heat, I wit stand the rain, To give my little friends shade, I can even wit stand the wood cutter’s pain. My companions are few, […]

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Supreme God

You are our creator You are present within our soul, You are the one who swarms us with problems, And give us power to cross them and accomplish our goals. We call you in pain, Because we know you will remove it, We pray to you without thinking of any gain, Because we know you […]

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Pippi Longstocking

There is strong girl nearby, Who has an independent home, She doesn’t have a family, Just lives there all alone. She is Pippi Longstocking, A girl with red hair, Her home skills like cooking and stitching are great, She loves making two little braids. She saves peoples life, Even though she is just nine years […]

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Summer Vacations

Finally the school has come to a timely end, Now is the time to rest my mind, When all the weekly tests are left behind. The brainstorming on holidays destination has already begun, To find the best place where there is, A mesmerizing landscape,adventure so we can have a lot of fun. Unpacked is my […]

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I Promise Myself

  I promise to be true, I promise to be a part of your crew, I promise to abide by the rules, And do nothing to get sue.   I promise to always stay with you, I promise to support you in whatever you do, I promise to always be by your side, I promise […]

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