Exams Are Over

Exams are over,

Switch on the t.v,

Forget the mistakes you made,

Just chill don’t worry.

Exams are over,

Don’t take any sort of pressure,

Forget all the scolding,

Open the chest of happy treasure.

Exams are over,

Stack all the books,

Pack away the stationary kit,

Don’t worry about the horrified looks.

Exams are over,

Comfortable will be our sleep,

Post pictures on Instagram,

Give an exciting tweet.


The One I Love The Most

You’re the excitement in my life,
You’re the number six of my dice,
You’re the name in my phone,
You’re the sweetness in my tone.

You’re the fizz in my sprite,
You’re the shining star in the night,
You’re the magic in my wand,
You’re the only golden fish in the pond.

You’re the chocolate in my cart,
You’re the strawberry jam in my tart,
You’re my life’s only host,
You’re the one I love the most.


At times an unpredictable storm
But most of the times so sweet
Like the chocolates we eat

Are our bodyguards
Who save us from the problems we cause
Always ready to give us a round of applause

Are the books of learning
Who try to fulfill our wishes
Making us eat our favorite dishes

Are our best friends forever
We can share anything with them
Together we oppose
Those who make our dignity bend

This is a family
With whom we spend our life daily
And whom we love really.



Erratic Dream

dream 1

I was alone
Sitting on a big stone
With a lot of space to roam
And really missing my home

I was gazing at the sky
Imagining the birds telling me hi
Sniffed the aroma of a pie
Followed it to find an empty oven, oh my my!

I was sitting on a swing
Then flying on the dragon’s wing
The next moment was racing with the clouds
Singing songs very very loud

I was then near the sea
Feeling at ease and free
Suddenly a bumble bee bit me
Waking me up from my erratic dream

My Treasure My Home

My treasure my home,

Is full of plants my dad grows,

The ray of hope the sun throws.

My treasure my home,

Is full of furniture my mom cleans,

And a basket full of bright dreams.

My treasure my home,

Touched with the melodious songs I play,

Has beautiful models made of clay.

My treasure my home,

Is with my lovely family,

Which lives together joyfully.

My Guide


Every time you praised me

You filled my heart with glee

Every time you nurtured the talent in me

So much faith and hard work you would see


But during a dark night

When I wasn’t all that right

You scolded me a lot

Leaving behind a lost mind and someone distraught


Even though you made me cry

I still didn’t stop to try

Whether you guide me or not

I’ll always remember what you taught.



The Key to Success


The key to success
Is with someone who’s eyes are as sharp as the hawks
And a will as strong as a rocks

The key to success
Is like a precious gem
It only remains with people who have self belief in them

The key to success
Is the work loved by one
Not done just for fame and happiness none

The key to success
Is earned by hardwork and fun
And by those who are envious to none.