A Smile

A smile changes the world, A smile speaks more than words, The most powerful gesture for others, Is a wide and beautiful smile my brother.   To resolve a fight, To show a lot of delight, To comfort your loved ones, Your smile needs to be in sight.   The most beautiful thing you’ve got, […]

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Trail Towards Equality

Every girl is beloved Malala, Every boy is Nelson Mandela, Today everyone is equal and free, Even you can bring a changeĀ  ,believe me.   No one is born in the boundaries of caste, You have to break the caste system very fast, You have the power to rise up from the ground, Raise your […]

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The True Artist

The one who colors the world With wide awakening thoughts And not expensive paints Is a person with real artisan brains.   The one who can draw the landscape, With an unstoppable imagination, Not with a canvas or pen, Is an artist with a real talent.   The one who can craft the beings, Positively […]

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A New Beginning

The sun will shine bright again, The motivation will rise high again, Forget the failure which was depressing, be ready to start a new beginning.   The people who once lost their hope, Have started to see another scope, People have again become willing, To start a new beginning.   People who had once forgotten […]

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Faith Is What You Need

Make your own decisions, Do what you think is right, Never be scared thinking it might be wrong, This will surely make faith in yourself strong.   You can do it, Even if the task is hard, You can win the Formula One, Even if the car is difficult to start.   You can solve […]

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Fear No Fear

Fear is our greatest enemy, It will try to pull you down, Control it and don’t let it affect you, I am sure you will win the crown.   Defeating the fear , Is the hardest thing, But once you overcome it, Your life will become as smooth as the swing.   How to defeat […]

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The Old Tree

I sat with the old tree, To know his life’s story, To know the moments that made him happy, And the moments that got him fury. I wit stand the heat, I wit stand the rain, To give my little friends shade, I can even wit stand the wood cutter’s pain. My companions are few, […]

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