The blue river,
Is so very cold,
That it makes me shiver,
And seldom bold.

The river is blue,
Is it really true?
Or is it telling a lie,
As it reflects the color of the sky.

The river’s color is now fading away,
Because it is getting dirty day by day,
The only thing I can say,
Is that it’s our fault for which we’ll have to pay.

For the river we’ll take revenge,
To help her out we’ll take a pledge,
We’ll never let its color go wrong,
To save her this will be our theme song.


Your adorable look,
And the secret cook,
Will always remain in you,
Because you have the power to be true

You are the umbrella when it rains,
You are the medicine when it pains,
You are the diamond in my ring,
You make me fly with those wings.

You always make my day,
Just like a beautiful ray,
Waking me up with a bright smile,
I really love you, that’s all I can say



You are my love and my guide
Someone by whom I will always abide

You rose the talents in me
Taught me to be humble and glee

You are a dad full of care
A teacher of whom I am a bit scared,

Every time you did scold
I knew it was to make me strong and bold

You are my light
My ray of hope and everything bright

Dad you will be the best
As long as the sun sets in the west.