Maths is not a devil, Maths is not a fever, Maths won’t haunt you, I promise that maths not that evil.   Maths is not so tough, Maths is not deadly, Read this poem with attention, Maths will seem very friendly.   Accept maths as it is, Try to love it’s each and every bit, […]

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Our Teacher

Leaving the home behind, Every morning meeting students with a smile, Never takes a break for a while, Understands each and every child.   Leaving all the worries aside, From challenges she will never hide, She is always by our side, To be like you hard I have tried.   She will never shed a […]

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Book:Our Best Friend

Something full of learning, Something which can never be boring, Something which is with me all day long, Something which is of my interest and  can never be gone.   Something which can be full of adventure and mystery, Something which is very trust worthy, Something which can make you laugh and cry, Something which […]

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Learn To Be Happy

It’s a beautiful day, With the sun shining bright, Loads of cheerful people swarming you, Enticing you to be happy and joyful too.   The nights are not always dull, The sky is full of stars that shine, Even in the darkest time you will find a way, And for that glee and motivated you […]

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To have a heart of gold, And have a voice very bold, To have a strong group or team, Is what I dream.   To make a zillion hearts alive, For success I want to strive, To have a future that I want it to be, Is what I always dream.   To keep myself […]

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Had I known, To live was to be happy, A smile like that of an angel, Will make a man no longer a stranger.   Had I known, To lose was to try again, A true champion is the one, Who will defeat all the pain.   Had I known, It is good to make […]

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New Year!!!!

Welcome dear 2019, I hope his year is more fun than it had been, I have been waiting for you to come, Since December had begun.   We will also miss you 2018, You were the best year ever, You brought adventure,drama and glee, You were truly a memorable year for me.   Finally 2018 […]

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