The Path To Success

The path to success is tough, It is never-ending and unstable, The decision to take this path is breathtaking, The people walking on this path are really daring.   Be ready and pull your socks, Cause there will be a lot of ups and downs, There will be a tough time, Which only strong people […]

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Passion is which makes me never give up, It is something for which I care the most, Passion is something which makes me strong, Something which prevents me from going wrong. Passion is something which makes me rise from my grief, Something I love the most, Passion is what makes me try again after fail, […]

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Topper Girl

She was indeed very intelligent, She was the smartest of the whole lot, But something changed her, And all the smartness she forgot.   She was the class topper, She was the nightingale, She was simple and kind, An idol person like her is difficult to find.   A small fight, A confrontation, Social media […]

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A Dream Village

A place where no one goes hungry to bed, Where everything is happiness, A place just like our Mahatma said.   A place where every child is educated, Where not a single one is hated, A place where love is created.   A place where there lies no pain, Where every person is developed and […]

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I Have Someone

I have a hand to wipe my tears, I have someone to take away all my fear, I have someone for me who will cheer, I have someone who will always call me dear.   I have someone who will always be there, I have someone for me who will care, I have someone with […]

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The Real Beauty

If you can make someone smile, If you speak positive words in no time, To be beautiful, You don’t need any coolness or style.   If for others you care, If people’s pain you can share, To be beautiful, You don’t need good looks or fancy hair.   If you are your family’s pride, If […]

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Maths is not a devil, Maths is not a fever, Maths won’t haunt you, I promise that maths, not that evil.   Maths is not so tough, Maths is not deadly, Read this poem with attention, Maths will seem very friendly.   Accept maths as it is, Try to love it’s each and every bit, […]

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