Who Are You?

Are you real,

Are you someone I have seen,

Or are you just someone in my dream.

Are a character,

Are you a fantasy,

Or are you just someone who makes me happy.

Are you an actor,

Are you a book I could read,

Or are you someone I won because of my deed.

Are you stranger,

Are you my long lost friend,

Or are you just someone God has sent.

Are you my imagination,

Are you someone long ago I knew,

Just let me know who are you??

Published by Chitrangda Goel

Hey it's me , Chitrangda Goel. I am a student and I live in India. I love reading and writing. I thought of having a blog so that I could share my thoughts and my imagination with all of you. Other than writing I love playing squash and listening to music and of course I love dancing.

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