Learn To Be Happy

It’s a beautiful day,

With the sun shining bright,

Loads of cheerful people swarming you,

Enticing you to be happy and joyful too.


The nights are not always dull,

The sky is full of stars that shine,

Even in the darkest time, you will find a way,

And for that glee and motivated you will have to stay.


People are not always jealous and rude,

Ponder about those who shower you unconditionally love,

Overlook the negatives, admire his goodness,

In this life learn to add a touch of happiness.


Happiness adds power to your words,

Let away all the evils of anger, ego, fear, and jealousy,

Like a child, we all should try to be carefree,

With a happiness ingredient enhancement of your personality, you’ll see.

Published by Chitrangda Goel

Hey it's me , Chitrangda Goel. I am a student and I live in India. I love reading and writing. I thought of having a blog so that I could share my thoughts and my imagination with all of you. Other than writing I love playing squash and listening to music and of course I love dancing.

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