The Old Tree

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I sat with the old tree,

To know his life’s story,

To know the moments that made him happy,

And the moments that got him fury.

I wit stand the heat,

I wit stand the rain,

To give my little friends shade,

I can even wit stand the wood cutter’s pain.

My companions are few,

But to me they are true,

They are the birds who on my branches love to sway,

And animals who show their love in their own way.

About the humans I must say,

Some try to expand my family so they plant one sapling everyday,

But some for their needs cut me,

Which group of humans is stronger with time we’ll see.

This poem was not just written by me,

But include the motivating words of the old tree,

Like him we need to add a hope to life,

So that we have a reason to stay alive.


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