My Family Nature

My old friend tree,
My blue sister river,
My dearest mother Earth,
Oh!My family nature has started to shiver.

My tall friend banyan,
Doesn’t want to be cut,
It protects us from the sun but,
What do we do in return?

My younger sister river,
Loves to stay clean,
It gives us water to drink but,
Why do we pollute it and act so mean?

My sweetest mother Earth,
Wants to be beautiful herself,
She is the one who bears our weight then,
Why do we treat her as dustbin and destroy her welfare.

I know my duties towards this family,
How to protect them and make them happy,
I have written this to remind you,
Care for your nature it is a part of your family too.



Published by Chitrangda Goel

Hey it's me , Chitrangda Goel. I am a student and I live in India. I love reading and writing. I thought of having a blog so that I could share my thoughts and my imagination with all of you. Other than writing I love playing squash and listening to music and of course I love dancing.

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