She was walking nonchalantly in the attic of the Karnataka museum.It was the first time I had gone out without my parents.I had decided to visit the most famous Karnataka museum.I entered the museum to hear 1980’s songs but no one around.Roaming here and there I finally entered the attic.As soon as I stepped inside the door automatically closed.My eyes now reached onto a swing where a very beautiful lady was sitting.I asked her name,when she loftily replied,saying Madhubala.

I was interested in art so I started looking at the paintings on the wall. The painting I liked was of an adorable woman who was wearing a garland.I asked Madhubala who the lady was ,when she replied in whispers that the woman was none other than herself.Without anymore thinking I left the area as soon as it was possible but it was my bad luck that I collapsed.

The next moment I opened my eyes,I found myself in my bedroom but this was no dream because the garland in my hand reminded me what had happened.I wasted no time and searched about the Karnataka museum,when I got to know that it was a haunted place and the experience I had ,was faced by many more people who went there.


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