The Childhood Rules

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You break the glass and destroy the yard,

Ending up getting thrashing very hard,

You take the house on your head,

Finish the stock of Jam and bread.


You don’t have any stress,

And nothing to study I guess,

It’s your prime duty to play thief and cop,

Even if your mother scolds,don’t stop.


You’re so cute,

Your voice is as soothing as the sound of the flute,

Your humming of English rhyme ,

With you I can spend most of my time.


This poem is specially written for you,

Understood and followed by only a few,

It tells you never to change,

Be naughty and remain always the same.

It’s a Birthday

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It’s a birthday,
Time to celebrate,
Its come after a whole long year,
Let’s make a card for the dear.

It’s a birthday,
Time to throw a party,
Time to give lots of blessings,
Wear fancy clothes and start dressing.

It’s a birthday,
Time to bake a cake,
Paint the world red,
Stay awake and not hit the bed.

It’s a birthday,
Time to eat delicious  food,
I have a surprise to give,
And so a long life to live.

I Wish I Could Say


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I wish I could say,

That you’re the one who makes my day,

You’re my endless dreams,

With you longer my life seems.


I wish I could say,

You’re my playful morning in May,

Although short is your height,

But you always save me being the strongest knight.


I wish I could say,

A small little Hey!

You’re no less than a dude,

I wish I could say all this to you.


Holi Is Approaching

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A festival of colors is approaching,

White colors of peace will be seen,

With red color of love,

Modifying our blue jeans.


A festival of joyfulness is approaching,

Happiness will cover the air,

Children’s laughter in surrounding ,

The big water balloon you’ll have to wear.


Children’s favorite festival is approaching,

Waiting for you outside on the chair,

With our water guns all loaded,

Get out of the house if you think you can dare.


My Winter Morning

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Sometimes it’s unbearable,

Sometimes it’s terribly cold,

Why be so negative,

Let’s give winter a positive unfold.


Sitting in front of the window pane,

Having a bright full morning with hot coffee,

Watching the shimmering snow flakes go down,

Oh! what a picture perfect scenery.


Sitting on the green bench of a park,

Waiting for the sun to come out,

The sunflower dancing merely,

When the dogs get jealous and start to shout.


Lying on the super soft bed,

With the white feather duvet,

At first we feel cold,

Then after a few minutes the cold wave goes away.


Your life is tough,

This line is rough,

You won’t get results so soon,

But later you will start to bloom,


Your value will be temporary,

Once you will have a loss,

Everyone’s acknowledgement will fade away,

And your appreciation will go for a toss.


The time you start looking for fame,

You will lose the focus on your game,

Your determination maybe lost,

The only thing left with you will be the frozen frost.


You will have to work hard again,

And believe me your effort won’t go in vain,

If your thoughts are not wrong,

I am sure you will be a sportsman very strong.